24/7 Guest Support

24/7/365 US based brand compliant tech support takes care of any issues your guests may have by our highly trained support team.

Remote Monitoring

24/7 network monitoring and software upgrades to make sure hotel network is secure and up to date.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth aggregation to combine multiple ISP connections, Dynamic, per user bandwidth limit, session limiting.

Network Design & Installation

Full-scale network design service to deploy the high-performance network needed to support guests’ mobile devices and bandwidth-intensive applications.

Disclaimer Page & Redirection

Brand compliant custom designed login page for password or email subscription authentication with disclaimer and redirection.

Secured Network

Spam control, Real-time session list, CALEA and DMCA user session logging.

The explosion of mobile devices has transformed hospitality. Travelers now enter hotels with multiple devices and hospitality venues must give them a stellar Wi-Fi experience. The changes of connectivity requirements are not to be solved by just adding a few more Wi-Fi access points. Issues like shifting the device management mindset to user-centric access management and tiered-services, optimization and improvement of overall performance, security threats from different devices and new applications all need to be considered and taken seriously.

We at wire2wifi® believe that we have the solution that meets all requirements of your hotel business. Our exclusive technology works great in any situation and it makes the impossible possible for your guest who needs strong, secure connectivity with blazing speed. This solution works anywhere in any situation from a single station cybercafé to a large apartment complex or hotel or RV campground. We make sure that your guests connect with anyone and everything at your venue.

We offer world class equipment, network design and installation, maintenance and 24/7 support including network monitoring and guest support.

Call (855) 515-6789 now to give your guest a stellar Wi-Fi experience.

Hundreds of hotel and motel properties nationwide are powered by wire2wifi®.

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